the narrows

 I loved them,
but they nearly killed me.

and I will be hiking them again.

oh and yes,
sydnee did catch a fish with her bare hands.


happy fathers day

oh, how i love him.

(especially when I find pictures on our computer like these)

fyi: the holly/happy birthday balloon is in a series, closely related to those of the first day of school pictures, but, instead of being outside in our brand new clothes in front of our house before walking to the bus stop, were us walking out of our rooms on the cruise, one at a time.  

and the picture with the turtles. .  . um. that was something like, go over there and act like turtles and I'll take a picture

yes, pictures like this are semi-normal when living with my father.


our children are going to be adorable.

don't you agree?

(don't worry.  this is not news of me being preggers.  this is just me looking at pictures of little greg and thinking how cute he is/was)


just two more months
and then I will be in your arms for forever.