I love good stories. .

But I love GREAT stories even better.

And without fail, I cry every time. . at least once
Just don't tell anyone, Mkay?


Each Life That Touches Ours For Good

I know I've posted a whole lot about you, Alexis.
But, you mean more to me than words can even express.

At your funeral, we sang this song.

Each life that touches ours for good
Reflects thine own great mercy, Lord;
Thou sendest blessings from above
Thru words and deeds of those who love.

What greater gift dost thou bestow,
What greater goodness can we know
Than Christlike friends, whose gentle ways
Strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

When such a friend from us departs,
We hold forever in our hearts
A sweet and hallowed memory,
Bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee.

For worthy friends whose lives proclaim
Devotion to the Savior’s name,
Who bless our days with peace and love,
We praise thy goodness, Lord, above.

I love you, Alexis.
And this amazing drawing captures how Christlike you are.

I know where you are
And I will try my very best and more to make sure that I can be with you again.


Best Friends Forever

Holly and Alexis are so cute and sweet.
A while ago, Alexis made a way cute scrapbook of her and Holly.
So, my family has been scanning pictures from that scrapbook for a slideshow for the funeral.

Katie did a way cute blog on the different memories with Holly and Alexis.

I just had to put some cute pictures on here.

Best friends forever.


The Johnsons

Please keep the Johnson Family in your prayers.

My sister wrote this so beautifully, explaining a little of what happened.



To Alexis

I wish that the last thing that we talked about wasn't about boys, proms, and awkward dates.
I wish that the last time I left you wasn't just with a wave and a whisper goodbye while you were on the phone.

Instead, I wish that when I left the door I looked at you one more time.
And given you a huge hug.
And told you that I love you.
And that I look up to you.
Your smile.
Your laugh.
Your easygoing personality.
I wish I would have told you that I recommended you to work with Tonya, because you would be the best. That you are so mature and would do a much better job than I ever could. And that Tonya would learn so much from you.
I wish I would have talked to you about all of our memories: this is the place, anything and everything that we went where we could bring friends, gold and green balls, sewing class, the macey's kid's club, christmas eve swimming, Holly's birthdays, and just being with you when you came over to play with Holly.
I wish that I would have told you that everytime we would pass Payson, Holly would say, "Alexis used to live here!" And showed us the direction of your old house.
I wish I would have told you that everytime I hear anything by Faith Hill, I think of you.
I wish I would have told you that I loved yours and Amanda's Christmas card.
I wish I would have told you that you are just like a sister to us.
I wish I would have told you that Holly is so lucky to have a best friend like you.
I wish I would have told you that if you ever were to leave, there would be a irreplaceable hole in my heart.

I miss you and love you, Alexis.
And will see your smiling face again.


The Best Men. . .

I just love general conference.


i love my daddy because

he helps me with my car when it's not working, even when I'm two hours away

when I was little he wouldn't let me go to the girl's bathroom alone, because of creepos, so he would make me go into the boys bathroom with him, so he could keep a lookout

when we go to costco, he lets me stand on the big cart and act like I'm surfing. . . even though I'm 20 years old.

he is the funniest person I know

he treats my mom like she is a queen and shows me that I deserve nothing less

he is the most service-oriented person I know. And gets the least amount of credit.

he knows how to grow the best tomatoes

in high school, he let me take over our van 100% and never complained

every night, he helped with the dishes, no matter whose night it was, or how snotty we were or how many times we had to 'go to the bathroom'.. .

he calls me when I'm sad and knows exactly what to say

he is never lazy

he taught me how to be nonjudgemental towards people who are different

he gives the best hugs

he loves me

he is the best daddy in the whole world

happy birthday, father.