here i am,
a couple days shy of 20 weeks pregnant (almost halfway)
and so excited for this baby to be here.

Maybe it's just because I've been looking at baby stuff online for several hours while I can feel baby's little body kicking and moving in my tummy.

so looking forward to our little family to grow.

p.s. here are a fraction of the baby pictures I was talking about.
now do you understand?



why did it take me so long to watch this film?

seriously, my new favorite.


it's official

we are now home-owners.


change of plans. . .

so maybe instead of going to the tropical rainforest,
we might just buy a house
and go to london

yep, my sister is marrying a european.

oh yeah in case you were wondering :  this european. . .

 and in case you were wondering  :  this house. . .



yep.  we're going to be here this summer.

I have the best marido in the world.

He'll be so proud of me - using my portuguese word I know



ok so this is my dream

someday I want to live in a cute little home.
by a lake/river.
with my wonderful husband/children.
where there are four seasons.
summer, fall, winter, spring.

in the summer, we bike and kayak.
in the winter, we xc ski and snowshoe.
both right outside of our home.
where i can literally walk outside our door and there's the beautiful snow.  and there's the beautiful garden.  and there's the beautiful water.

in the winter i cozy up to our fireplace and drink tea and read and play games with the kids and husband.
i teach at a nearby university/college 2-3 days a week.
the husband has his business/es.

it just sounds wonderful.

maybe it's because i'm tired.
or maybe it's because i'm lovin these saturdays where we go to the canyon, breath the fresh canyon air and ski - and it is wonderful.
or maybe it's that pinterest.