is the name of the area where I live.
No, not Salt Lake City.
Student Living Center.
I think so.
I mean, why use an acronym like that? in UTAH?
That is all.


90% Mental

They say that running is 90% mental and 10% physical.
I need to work on that mental part, because today was one of the worst runs of my life.



I donated some today.
Some of my blood.
One pint of it actually.
And I loved it.

and - I got a free T-Shirt.

Want to hear a funny story?

The first time I went to donate blood was the very beginning of my freshman year. Greg and I saw the stuff and that you could get a free t-shirt. I was so excited and pretty much begged him to donate blood with me. So, we went and blah blah, they asked me questions and took a sample, but I did not have enough iron in my blood to donate. But, Greg was able to donate. So, I left and Greg, who did not really want to give blood in the first place gave blood. But after sitting there for a very long time, they told him that they weren't getting enough blood from him and had to discard the blood that they got from him. and I don't think he'll ever give blood again.

(Then, for his english class, he had to write a story. So, he wrote a story about how he donated blood to get attention from this cute girl, who didn't have enough iron in her blood. I wish that I could read his story so bad)

Also, I saw a kid faint.


I am



And it's only Monday.



Is how tall I am.
If only I was three inches taller I could have seen this

But, like I said.
I am 5'2"
So I really just watched everyone else's backs watch the amazing Sam Bean play beautiful music.



For the safety of my children, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever hire one.


TV 24/7

It drives me crazy.
Our TV is on all of the time.
And not on anything good, but our TV spends most of it's time
on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network.
And whenever I want a turn to watch something that I recorded.

I can't.
Because it's already on and being used.

She drives me crazy.


No Sweets.

Starting Today.

Wish me luck.


Why I want to go. . .

I don't want to go to escape the future
I don't want to go because I don't want to grow up
I don't want to go to avoid marriage
I don't want to go because I have nothing else to do
I don't want to go for change
I don't want to go to get a chance to live outside Utah
I don't want to go to learn a language.
I don't want to go to prove to anyone anything.

I want to go because I want to share
I want to share with others the truth that has brought me so much peace and happiness.
I want to go because I want others to feel of His love.
And to know what I know.
And be happy.

I've just been really sick of everyone thinking I've been wanting to go for those reasons.


I win.

I have the craziest family.

I guarantee.

Don't even try this one.

Because I will win.


A New Blog

I made one.

I know, I already have like. . . 5

But this one is really good.

I promise.


Inspired by Le Love
(Thanks Chessie)


One Day

I hope to have a Splash Mountain picture comparable to this one:


Harry Potter and the Seven Books

I cried when I finished them. . . (again)

And I can't rightly explain my love for Harry Potter, Voldemort, JK Rowling, Dumbledore, Lupin, Neville, Sirius, Severus and all of the other characters

I look forward to the next time I open and read the first chapter titled, 'The Boy Who Lived'

And I'm glad that some people share my obsession



Can I tell you how much I LOVE it when people text when I'm with them and don't listen to anything that I'm saying?

Oh, I love it so much.



This is one of the reasons that I like him so much

We were walking around and there was this kid outside playing guitar and so I went up and said, "hey I like guitar, can I teach you about Jesus?" Just kidding it wasn't exactly like that, but we did a contact with him and they let us in

And this

There was the grandma who was in a wheelchair, I went and shook her hand and she wouldn't let go, then she tried to pull me I think to give me a kiss but I played hard to get and pulled my hand out.

And that's just one email.

He's just great.

And I miss him and how he makes me laugh all the time.


The World

I want to see this

Walk across this

Go here

Fall in love here

Live here

And teach here

Want to join me?


Breaking Social Norms

We did this in high school for my AP Psychology class.
It was super mega great.
(And I finally have a good enough program that will rip dvds - so I was able to post it on YouTube)


It's Over!

And I never have to take online biology



(Unless I failed. . . )