those little first graders. . .

'Miss Sparks, I need help!" she says for the 1000th time as she erases her correct answers, and ready for me to explain the concept that she already understands.

Then, the sweetest, smartest girl in class unknowingly flips me off by showing me her spider ring -

And when I introduced myself, I told the class I like riding my bike, ice cream, and don't like asparagus. To my surprise, so did at least five of the students.

And little, sweet Austin, as he was sounding out 'sheet', said a swear without realizing.

{not a child in my class. via papertissue}

Oh, I love first graders.
And, sometimes it's really hard not to laugh.

(It's only day 3. I have five more weeks of this fun)


all HALLOWS eve.

I'm so excited.
It's my absolute favorite holiday.

The other day, I told a lovely story to my dear friend, Sam.
It was a story of when I was Peter Pan for Halloween.
(I was Peter Pan twice. This story corresponds with the bottom right picture directly above these words)
I was waiting for the bus.
Then I saw Landon come out of his home.
He was Hook.
We battled, not only at the bus stop, but for the entire day.
It was the greatest Halloween ever.
We didn't even plan it.

I'm so excited for Halloween.
and this year, I'm going home
where I will
have soup,
eat homemade donuts,
carve pumpkins,
make a gravestone,
and see my cute nephews in their cute halloween costumes

I even made a playlist to get pumped up

(check it out on the right)

are you excited for halloween?


oh no.

I feel myself getting sick.

Not a good time to get sick.

Please, sickness, whoever you are, will you come back in 7 weeks when I'm done with school?

It would be very much appreciated.

(I do not want to make up my practicum hours over Christmas break when I will have no place to live)


my resolution

It's not new years.
but a have a new resolution.

take more pictures.

Recently, I have realized how few photos I have.
It makes me a little sad.
And when going through my days, I often think, oh my that would make a lovely photo!

So, today, as I was riding my bicycle through the graveyard,
I took a few photos.

what do you think?

{now do you understand why I choose to ride my bike through here every day?}

I so want to become a great photographer.
I'm a pretty good faker.
I even just made a flickr account.
hopefully I'll have at least five more photos added to it tomorrow



If you're not sure what to get me for Christmas, this film will do. . .

I once saw it in 2007 when it first came out. And it was magnificent.

I think I probably cried. I think probably we all cried : David, Landon, Jacob, Greg, and I.
(Maybe even Ken when he walked in to see what we were watching)

It really was magnificent.

And it would be a dream come true to be able to watch it over and over and over again.

Oh, it is love.

Please Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson, Georg “Goggi” Hólm, Kjartan “Kjarri” Sveinsson, Orri Páll Dýrason come play in Salt Lake.

And not on a Sunday, like in 2008. And this time you can play in a 21 + venue if it's sometime after February.
(I was very sad when you played at the depot back when I was a young girl)

You inspire me, Sigur Ros.

Take me to Iceland,
let me speak Hopelandic,
and see you play,
with my true love,
and i will be happy forever.



Phobias sometimes make me laugh.

Not like -

Pocrescophobia (fear of getting fat), Phasmophobia (fear of ghosts), Tocophobia (fear of child-bearing), or Acrophobia (fear of heights)

But phobias like -

Vestiphobia (fear of clothing), Papyrophobia (fear of paper), Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (fear of long words), Ophthalmophobia (fear of opening one's eyes), Cathisophobia (fear of sitting), Anatidaephobia (fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you), phobophobia (fear of developing a phobia), and Telephonophobia (fear of telephones)


I think that someone may just be having a bit too much fun with this whole phobia thing. . . .
But, maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe there is someone, somewhere who hasn't opened their eyes for the last twenty years, because they're too afraid.



I love fall.
So much.

Not the fall where it's like, 'Yay! summer was yesterday and it's snowing today!'

But the fall in Alpine

Where the leaves change colors.
And where you don't have to wear a jacket everywhere you go.
The fall where it's still warm enough to go camping
And where you can smell pumpkins and get excited for Halloween.

I love that fall.

And I found a new reason to love fall:

I went mountain biking for the first time.

It was incredible.

I loved feeling the wind through my clothes, the sound of my wheels against the rocks and ground. I loved the look of the fall colors, the pretty yellows, oranges, and reds. I loved the feeling of being invincible. I loved the feeling of being in the best place on earth. I loved the sound of my chains and brake pedal squeaking (my bike is old). I loved the feeling of where I was sure I was going to fall, but quickly pulling out and recovering. I loved the feel of my heart beat and sound of my breathing. I loved being so tired, yet wanting to do it again. I loved forgetting about itching (except for when my leg decided to run into some stinging nettle). I loved riding my bike on trails so few go. I love mountain biking.

I want to go tomorrow.

Who's with me?



Awkward, Part One


"I told everyone. I hope you don't mind."
"I don't", I tell her (her, who I saw at Wal-Mart an hour earlier, while picking up my prescription)

I lied a little bit.
Mostly because when I walked into class, every eye was on me and I received at least five smiles and five 'how are you feeling?'s.

I love attention
, I thought to myself as we discussed my shingles , shrinking in my seat, hoping to disappear.

First, we talked about how Dr. Read's mom had it, and five people in my class's grandmothers and grandfathers had it. (Nate told me that I look really young for being sixty. I agree)
Then, during break, everyone asked where it was and what it felt like. How fun, I thought, sarcastically to myself, rubbing under my chest, realizing that everyone was looking at my braless breast, and then feeling the need to explain to everyone that I don't wear bras anymore.
Finally, we were writing poems. Write down 11 ideas, Sylvia said. Naturally, five of my eleven were things like itching, calamine lotion, doctors, etc. Of course I got a laugh when sharing ideas,
I said itching.

Yes, I have shingles.

And, it's oh so fun.

Awkward, Part Two


No bra, again. Jacket (to hide my bra-less chest). Keens. Light, thin, light green capris.

During our break, I went to the restroom (as usual) and realized something

it's that time of the month . . .

Let me remind you, this does not go well with light, thin, light green capris who, unfortunately, didn't hide anything.

Feeling the need to explain the reason why I am checking out my butt in the mirror as Jenny walks in, I explain my situation.

What a great week for you, she says.
I laugh in agreement

Awkward, Part Three

Today, After Break

Everyone in class gets to present their science inquiry project, Dr. Lott explains.

So, the entire rest of the class, I am debating whether to wear my jacket to cover my chest or my pants.

The pants won.

At least there are only two boys in my class.
And one is married.

Everyone else understands, right?

Awkward, Part Four


I am throwing all rules of etiquette and decency out the window this week.

Hope you don't mind.

If not, you can avoid me.


love you, h.

I wish I could help ease the pain.
and help mend your broken heart.
I love you, h.

Most of all,
I wish that it wouldn't have happened to you.

But, you're stronger than me.
I've always known that.

From the time when you cracked your head open and I was so jealous because of all of the attention you got. I wanted so badly to crack my head open, so I could get presents and words of affection, but instead, I just got a few stitches.
That was all I could handle.

To the times when I blamed you for everything, hoping you would be the one to get in trouble and not me. When you were braver than me to admit to doing something wrong.

And now to this.

I'm not good with words,
phonecalls, or texts
But, Pretend I'm giving you a hug right now.
(Even though, I'm pretty not good at those)
You can even sleep in my bed tonight,
Place a pillow next to you and pretend it's me.

And know that I look up to you.
And want to be just like you, h.

She loves you.
She misses you.

But, she wants you to be happy.
And, I do too.
I love you.


The Countdown

I can't wait for halloween

(three months)

I can't wait for thanksgiving

(two months)

I can't wait for christmas

(one month)

I can't wait for our cruise

(one week)

I can't wait until the end of january


There's no wrong way. . .

So, today I wanted a reese's candy bar.
I got one.
First, I put my money in the vending machine,
and watched the little vending machine curve to let the poor candy bar free
I almost felt the need to cheer it on, because I could tell it wasn't coming.
But, to my surprise, it was freed.
And not only that, but there came two reese's candybars. . .

I'm so lucky.

I thought, I got two candybars for the price of one!

(But later realized that I forgot to pick up my 50 cents in change)

Side Note: Remember these commercials? Aren't they the greatest?



I would love to have a library like Belle -
(as a child, that was my dream -)

or, to be more realistic,
less selfish,
and more practical,

something like this will do :

(as long as there's a ladder)


To the parents of all bloggers,

Dear Mom,
Coy is funny. Sometimes there are things you don't understand.
I love rain.
My future does confuse me.
Trees are sentimental.

Dear Dad,
It is not funny when you act like you have his shoes.
The word "naked" does grab attention.

Parents, don't make fun of our blogs.
You don't have to read them if you don't want to.
They are funny.
We are funny.

Holly & Lauren