mr. greg.

i love it when he laughs super hard during movies
and when he uses his serious face
also when i call him and he pretends to be an answering machine
i love it when he tries super hard to beat me at word searches (impossible)
and when he tries to explain guitar and business stuff in basic terms

he's super cute.


juiceboxes, baths, and dinosaurs

after a long, horrible day, 
(much, much worse than Alexander's no good day)

I became a child again.

and it was wonderful.

I took a bath with dinosaurs,
read a story with monsters,
drank a juice box,
ran into the dirty garage with my clean feet.
and avoided my bed as if it would be the death of me.

I wish I was still a child.
That would be nice,
especially on days like today.


sick. .. of interviews.

"what is my biggest weakness, you ask?"

ummmmm.... ... ummmm...
probably my answer to that big, fat, question,
the one that everyone lies on and interviewers ask just to throw you off. . .
 and, the one that I slaughter absolutely every time

oh, I love interviews.
especially when you turn to the girl next to you and realize she has her
umm, degree in elementary education and some papers in her hand and blah blah blah.


So, I've come up with a conclusion.

(even though I currently am not in school, doing my student teaching in the fall, living at home, and somehow managed to slide into a curb, resulting in a big, fat check)

I'm fine with my part-time job in Provo

Seriously though,
besides the half -hour commute, and three-hour long shifts,
(which I am working on to change)
I really do like it.