Bowling. . . And Tears

Everytime I go bowling I can't help but produce a few tears. . .

Because I think back to over a year ago when I last saw him

Him, with his brand new bowling gear, his smile, his jokes, and his compliments

And wish he was still here

And wish he could have realized he was loved by so many

And wish that he would have gotten the help to alleviate the pain he felt everyday

But, comfort comes to me when I think of where he is

And the unconditional love that he feels every day

And how he knows that he is missed


M. Ward

Last Thursday

I smelt like sweat

I smelt like beer

Because the drunk kid in front of me dropped his beer right on my foot

I was annoyed by several annoyers around me

I was tired

But it was so worth it

Because I got to see him

And hear him play this

and even more

and best of all:

it was free




After discussing life-size posters of movie stars. . . the name Edward did come up. . . The one from Twilight of course.
But, I said I would rather have a life-size poster of Edward Scissorhands. My mom said, "That's totally the type of guy Lauren likes." (not jokingly)

I must agree.

I always go for the pale, scarred-face, timid guy with scissors for hands. You know, the polite ones. The ones who were left alone for years and years in abandoned castles. My heart melts everytime I see those ones.



This is my little sister.

One day I dropped off her lunch at school and I asked one of the students in her class if they knew where Sydnee was. He asked, "Oh, you mean Squid?" I laughed. I knew that she goes by Squid sometimes. Because that's one of her many nicknames at our house. But I had no idea that her entire class called her that. Oh, she's a cutie.

She turned 12 on Monday. I can't believe it. The little baby is growing up so fast. .

And I think this picture is funny.

I love Sydnee so much.
She has added so much life and joy to our family. Really. Our house would be pretty boring without her.

One thing that I love about Sydnee is how intune she is with our feelings. I cannot think of a time when she has not ran to my side to offer me a hug in times where I've been sad. She is always the first one to wrap her arms around me and whisper an 'I love you' in my ear. Most of the time she has absolutely NO idea what I'm crying about. But she always makes me feel better.

She sees the good in everyone. There has never been a time when she's had anything rude or disrespectful to say about any of my friends or anyone at all, for that matter. She can get along with everyone. And I've never known anyone with so many friends . . .

Another thing with Sydnee is that she takes every step with a smile and a positive attitude. When a situation comes up, she learns to go through it happily.

When giving gifts, Sydnee is the easiest to please. One year, I gave her a little stuffed unicorn from the dollar section, and it was her favorite present. She walked around for months carrying 'Uni' and explaining that he was her favorite gift.

She has always offered a laugh because she's Syd. From yelping monkeys Christmas morning to water-filled rubber gloves as pets she has been a joy in my life.

I look up to her.
Not just because she's 'almost taller than me'
But because she's Sydnee.
And she's someone that I want to be like
and I don't think she realizes that.

My house is

unusually empty
and quiet.. .

because these two sistas and bffs are gone

and i miss them dearly

and am nervous and excited for the trek stories tomorrow. . .



I. am. Ginny. Weasley.

And Harry Potter and I are secretly in LOVE.

Just don't tell anyone.


A Corrupt World

It makes me sick and sad at the same time.

To realize how corrupt our world is.

And what can happen when we lose our ground.

I didn't know him.

But I knew him.

And I knew that they were both so powerful.

And had such a strong influence in people's lives.

And had testimonies.

And had families.

And fell.

And their lives will NEVER be the same.


This show

never ceases to AMAZE me.

I just love Kupono
and Mia
and So You Think You Can Dance


if i could






Children's Voices

To me, there is nothing better than an amazing children's choir.
I am always amazed at the quality of their voices and their ability to sing so beautifully.
Here are some inspirations to me:

I found this one on you tube and fell in love with that cute little boy and this is the choir back in 1973
'Song About a Crocodile' - The Big Children's Choir

An extremely beautiful choir.
Chinese - Capital Children's Choir

Can't do a post about a children choir without the Vienna Boys Choir
Terry Wey - Vienna's Boy Choir

I love this choir, too. They sung on American Idol a while back AND have sung with Josh Groban.
Betelehemu - African Children's Choir

This one is from the movie, Les Choristes - one of the best movies ever created.
Caresse sur l'océan - Les Choristes

One of Utah's Children's Choirs . .
Benedictus - Salt Lake Children's Choir

And the primary children. . .
I Love to See the Temple - Kaysville and Fruit Hill Stakes


Missing You

Missing someone gets easier every day.
Even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other,
It's one day closer to the next time you will


Meet My True Love

His name is Ned.
We are madly in love.

. . . In my dreams