my dream

last night I dreamt that I owned a cute little restaurant/cafe.

I imagined it a mix of

Tin Angel Cafe,
Flour Girls and Dough Boys,
The Royal Penne Cafe

I imagined it a place with

mismatching dishes, poetry readings, creative art and photography placed strategically on all of the walls, a random assortment of furniture and chairs, a collection of clocks, soup that warms the soul, antiques, live music, and meals that makes anyone drool and anticipate their next visit.

I hope that someday this dream comes true.

Flour Girls and Dough Boys in American Fork

(if you haven't heard of it, please visit 35 N. Barratt Ave (150 West),
order 2 cups of the creamy tomato basil soup, bring me one, and maybe I'll forgive you)

Tin Angel Cafe and Royal Penne Cafe are just as good & located at 365 W 400 S, Salt Lake, and 155 N University, Provo, respectively



Why is there a boy in my mission prep class that has eyes and glasses just like him?

And why did that kid last night have the same shoes as him?

Dance like him?

And play his guitar like him?

And why does absolutely everything I see or hear remind me of him?

{well, he does have only four months and a little bit, then I'll actually see his shoes, his eyes, his dance moves, him playing his guitar, and everything about him I have missed . . . which is everything}

(and, he is the greatest missionary in all of brazil. i don't know how i got so lucky)



but please

stop me

{before I gain 300 pounds}



are the longest days of the week.
for me.

First of all: I start at 12:30 (ugh)
And have my 3 hour mathematics methods class.
(yes, all of my classes are three hours)
But, this class, unlike my other 3 hour classes,
we have no break (not good for a girl like me).

Yes, I go crazy.
And, our teacher treats us like kindergartners, where we move at turtle-speed.

To top it off, we get to write out the number
1 million, three hundred two,
Add 324 and 563,
and even divide 54365 by 5
All in twenty minutes!
oh, you bet.

I mostly spend my time tinkering with all of the base-ten blocks, 2-colored counters, and colored blocks, make funny faces at my classmates, hide under my hoodie hood, bounce my legs up and down, and whatever else a bored kindergartner might do. {this is no bueno, considering I love math}

Friends, this is not all.
Then, I head off to our (advanced) classroom management class for the most unproductive fifty minutes of my life.

Oh, I just love Wednesdays.

(please, forgive me for my negative attitude)

[on a lighter note]
thank goodness for
1. my bicycle
2. candy
3. institute
4. pesto
5. sudokus
6. seinfeld
7. scriptures
8. text messages
9. newspapers
and 10. classmates,

who help me get through my dreaded Wednesdays.


a boy named . . .

once upon a time,
i went to a school a little ways north.
there was a certain weekend when my dear sister ventured the two hours to visit me.
it was great.
we went to a certain restaurant.
and learned some important things
like, no one else appreciates our humor (which makes it more beautiful),
sometimes the workers drink out of the drinks that they offer to their customers (yeah),
but most of all,
we were 'introduced' to a boy.
he was our waiter.
his name was . . .
after meeting him, his name was a joke to us.
and we would chirp his name, like little birds.
at the table
(here came the realization that no one else appreciated our humor)
and, yes, we really would.
after this wonderful weekend with my sister,
my sightings of this boy named . . .
a lot.
so, everytime i saw this male, i sent a great text to my sister
with three simple letters.
but, alas.
he has moved away, i am told.
so, i am no longer able to text my lovely sister those texts
that bring smiles to both of our faces.
(the boy on the right is NOT the boy in my story.
that would have been a bit TOO creepy)


best prank ever.

sometimes, I like to put on my mom's wedding ring and imagine getting engaged (i know I'm pathetic. so, don't make fun of me) so, once I was sitting in church with my family. next to my mother. and decided to do just that. my old young women's president, sister wilson, and her family always sit behind us. (if you know her, this story will be much funnier, p.s.) and instantly I thought of a great joke. admiring the ring, I pulled my arm around the bench so whoever sitting behind me could clearly see the diamonds. and instantly, I knew she had noticed. I heard a gasp, a tap, and I turned. her and her husband were so happy and shocked and she immediately started congratulating me. and then, the tears started coming. oh, I should have known. and me, knowing when to end a joke (mostly because i was laughing really hard and being completely disrespectful and trying not to pee), decided to pull off the ring and mouth, 'just kidding'. and then I recieved a well-deserved punch in my arm. but, oh dear, it was worth it.


I love Logan.

I know you're probably thinking, "What?! Like five months ago, weren't you dying to move back to Alpine!?!"

Friends, you are correct. I was.

But, my love for Logan has been reborn.

Wanna know why?

When I wake up, I can look out my window and see a beautiful tree, and a breathtaking view of the mountains.

I ride my bicycle to school everyday. Through the graveyard, the prettiest part of Logan.

Yesterday, while riding my bike through the graveyard, I paused and talked to my dear Great Uncle Seth who maintains the lawn and keeps it pretty. (Now I can tell my grandpa that I didn't break his promise)

I slackline sometimes, right outside my side door, and occasionally chat to the passerby 'frolfers' (who I forgive for hitting my windows, and on occasion - my car).

I have a new love for the the Merrill-Cazier Library.

I refused to buy any books. Thank goodness for course-reserves (hence the reason to visit the library a lot)

I drive past many cute, old houses that I would want to move into in a heartbeat.

I refuse to set up my printer (I still don't understand my reasoning for this one).

My new friends are Ze Tao from China, Rebecca from San Diego, Ee Ting from China, Tomas from Slovakia, Will from England, my RA Erica (who reminds me so much of Amber), and my dear sweet roommate, Ines, from Spain.

I went swimming in a dam last week, thinking it was Porcupine Lake.

I'm cooking again, with the help of several cookbooks from the library.

I went to the Logan City Library, Macey's, and Papa Murphys this week.

I get to listen to Lexie serenade me with her new love for guitar, and get to talk to Amy about love and marriage, and Nate and I talk about Coraline and music.

I'm enrolled in institute.

I started work this week, and we are a lucky staff, because we have our own classroom. To decorate. To organize. And to love.

And, most of all, I know I won't be here for the long, snowy days.


I won. . .

Check it out!

Made by the incredible Lady Danburry.

I never win anything.
I'm so HAPPY

(and to be honest, I want to be just like my little sister, Holly, who won last week)


Joshua James

Recognize him?

Well, you should.

Because he is amazing.

And I've never ever seen anyone so emotionally involved in their music.

So his shows aren't just 'shows', they're experiences.

I even almost cried the first time I saw him play.

So yeah, like I said.

You should recognize this face.

Be sure to listen to Lovers Without Love, posted on the right.
Here is his blog.


To the Children

I mean, really?
Not letting your child watch this?
Not letting them understand responsibility and that it lies in the hands of the children? Not letting them see that school is good?

Even if you don't like him,
he is our PRESIDENT
And does deserve our respect.

And at Timberline, students only were able to watch it IF they brought a signed permission slip.
At least at Lone Peak, they only had slips if parents strongly felt either way.

Either way, it still makes me sick.

And here it is if you missed it.
Personally, I thought it was great.



I love how

Oranges make me think of Lost,
When I listen to Gorillaz, I just want to play Ticket to Ride,
Listening to 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed' makes me think of dying my hair,
The smell of candles remind me of the Wilson's house,
Exercise balls make me want to pee,
Unshelled peanuts and orange candies remind me of Christmas Eve,
The word 'Lunkers' makes me laugh really hard,
Watching Scrubs makes me want to play tetris 64,
Playing Rock Band reminds me of Dewey's house,
Seeing berries on shrubs makes me think of that one time when Amber and I fed them to Sydnee.
Fireballs remind me of lies, Holly, my dad, and church,
Eminem makes me think of my cousin, Richard, who isn't my cousin anymore,
Classic skating reminds me of fifth grade,
The game 'signs' brings me back to Nikole's slumber party where we played for six consecutive hours,
Sees candies remind me of my grandpa,
Frisbee reminds me of the beach,
Playing racquetball makes me miss Greg,
When I play Balderdash, I wish that Tanner and I still played it at every family gathering,
Rage Against the Machine makes me imagine Greg and Fred working at Shelf Reliance,
Hugs, Tears, and Smiles makes me think of everyone that I love.

And I love when that happens.
And I just smile.
And look forward to the memories that are yet to come.


Just a Tree

(PS This is not the tree in my story. But I love this tree, too)

I know it's just a tree.

It's the tree that Austin walked right over. Between his legs. It was just a newborn then. Too small to see, but not too small to hurt (unfortunately for Austin).

It's the tree that saw us pull a prank on Dave. and the tree that let him rest his hand on it, while he was deciding who to yell at first.

It's the tree that saw the singing boys, the ball of yarn, the cat, and all of the other funny dance pranks.

It's the tree that saw the best (and worst) of door step scenes.

It's the tree that saw a nervous boy's first kiss.

It's the tree that has seen tears.

It's the tree that sees the excitement of reunions of nephews, sisters, parents, and grandparents.

It's the tree that has overheard many many many conversations.

It's the tree that sees a black hyundai elantra full of laundry every couple of weeks.

I'm excited to see that tree.

I know that it's just a tree.

But, It's the tree that welcomes me home.

04:05:06 07/08/09


not as consecutive?