four more days.
so. excited.

hoppipola - sigur ros
soul meets body - death cab
se lest - sigur ros


happy birthday, sydnee.

hope you enjoy being a teenager.
love you, darling.

{i wrote this one year ago, and still feel the same.  she's a cutie cutie}

One Two Three Four - Feist
One Day - Matisyahu
Anywhere Is - Enya

{9 days}


he's coming to slc.

get excited.

go do - jonsi
i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
anyone else but you - the moldy peaches
{10 days} 


so I kind of have three fears

1.  heights
2.  deep, strong water and scary things dwelling there.
3.  and tripping/falling/slipping and hitting my head super hard

maybe cliff jumping isn't for me.

creepin' in - norah jones
today - joshua radin
the rakes' song - the decemberists

{11 days}.


i'm just a little excited. . .

we've got everything - modest mouse
january wedding - the avett brothers
uprising - muse

{21 days.}


oh my family makes me laugh.

why, you ask?
1.  this morning I found a to-do list of things to do of sydnee's  get wax  ball frosting, get chocolate frosting, and tell mckenna that I like mustard.
2.  after a dinner of grilled hot dogs, my mom asked us, well, how was that for hot dogs!
3.  if someone logged in as 'poop' comments on anything I have written, it's my dad.   who doesn't know how to fix it.
4.  and holly's nightly ritual of rice krispie treats, or bowls of wax ball cake mix. 
5.  and how greg and i bought a new tent and set it up in our backyard and sat in it and looked at it for hours. (picture coming soon)