Seinfeld and Superman

I love Seinfeld.

So much.

It is rumored that there are superman references in every single episode of Seinfeld.

I believe it.
But my dear friend, didn't.

So, yesterday, I proved him wrong.

I'm so happy about it that I'm posting it on my blog.

On many Seinfeld fan websites, it mentions that there are no Superman references in "The Parking Garage" or "The Chinese Restaurant".

Friends, there are Superman references in both of these.

"CARTRIGHT" is a character in Superman. Who, Superman found guilty of murder.
And, L-ron Hubbard, the Scientologist, was a robot who they were going to play as a character in the Superman movie.

Okay, I admit it.
I'm a nerd.


Katie said...

I didn't know that. I'll have to watch more closely...
did you like my seinfield picture on my blog? i love it.

sam said...

you arent the nerd cause you've seen all the seinfelds, the nerdy ones are the guys who have seen superman so many times that they can catch all those refrences in seinfeld