Okay, confession.

..I am OBSESSED with weddings.

I am drawn to bridal magazines
I LOVE hearing news of my friends getting married
My family and I ALWAYS have wedding receptions to go to
And we always talk about forming a wedding business - and our specific jobs
I collect wedding announcements
My sister has been known to make her own wedding announcements.
I watched 27 dresses last night
And YES, I do have my wedding planned out. . .

I just need to find a man


Chess said...

Bahahaha! Who knew? You crack me up!

Katie said...

love love weddings. yes, you do need to find a man.

Eric G said...


"YES I DO!". I am ready as long as you let me go bird hunting with my bird dog in the fall. ha ha ha

Great post!


Spencer said...

Ha I like your post it's great. Every girls dream is that special day!! I bet your wedding will have the best music ever!!

Jeff and Kira said...

haha you could've helped me with my wedding! I had no idea what I wanted!