i love my daddy because

he helps me with my car when it's not working, even when I'm two hours away

when I was little he wouldn't let me go to the girl's bathroom alone, because of creepos, so he would make me go into the boys bathroom with him, so he could keep a lookout

when we go to costco, he lets me stand on the big cart and act like I'm surfing. . . even though I'm 20 years old.

he is the funniest person I know

he treats my mom like she is a queen and shows me that I deserve nothing less

he is the most service-oriented person I know. And gets the least amount of credit.

he knows how to grow the best tomatoes

in high school, he let me take over our van 100% and never complained

every night, he helped with the dishes, no matter whose night it was, or how snotty we were or how many times we had to 'go to the bathroom'.. .

he calls me when I'm sad and knows exactly what to say

he is never lazy

he taught me how to be nonjudgemental towards people who are different

he gives the best hugs

he loves me

he is the best daddy in the whole world

happy birthday, father.


Adam said...

That was really good. I cried. I love dad too. And all those things are true, except for the surfing on the Costco cart for me...good job.

Olivia.Leta said...

It made me cry too. I loved it and I learned cool things about Larry! I am hoping that Katie was writing the comment that was posted as Adam although its just like Adam in many ways cause he is a sweetie.

Olivia.Leta said...

These are not Olivia these are Nina thoughts. Ha ha

Chess said...

That's really sweet, Lauren! You have such a cute dad!

Spencer said...

haha haha I love this! You make it so personal its amazing!?!?

Olivia.Leta said...

Ha ha, So THIS is actually Olivia. I love the Costco/surfing one, that is great!