Feel the Truth

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Every so often, the wounds open again and I 'feel the truth'

For Garrick


and Alexis and Amanda

And often all at the same time.

My friend, Willy is amazing.
And he wrote this song for Derek

That day that I found out about the car accident and Alexis and Amanda's death, all I could do was just play this song over and over again and cry.

Willy, you really have no idea how much this song helped me, not only with Derek's death, but with Alexis's. Your words were really such a comfort to me.

All four of these dear friends were really too sweet to stay here in this wretched place for the entirety of their life. And each one has changed me in different ways, and, like Willy, my life will go on but it will never be the same.

I cannot wait until the end when I can see these smiling faces again.


Hayley and Jake said...

I just cried. That's so sweet, and I love that song. Go Willy.

Holly Sparks said...

Lauren, I love this.
Your friend willy is great.
The lyrics are so perfect.