It's Fathers Day Today


And my father wins!

because he is the funniest person I know.

The other day I got a random letter from my good friend's mission companion. Haha. Enclosed with the letter, was a picture. Him and a Tongan companion. On the back it said, 'I'm on the right - not the Tongan'.

My dad of course had to come up with something way better to send back. In the morning I woke up and found on the counter two photo shopped pictures with me and various Tongan women, explaining to this guy which one I was. Not the Tongan, that is.

He loves Seinfeld. And Jerry sometimes reminds me of him. Especially this episode.

He always talks about how he is going to be so scary when someone picks us up from a date or something, and jokes about sitting on the porch with a gun, which would never be found in our home. But, for some reason, when the boys get to the door he just smiles and laughs and the threatening words never come. Which I think is funny.

Also, he nicknames people a lot. Which makes me laugh. Rylee Jo Swandive, McHenry, Ereeka, Asquexis, Elixer, Squash Monster, Tanya, Sister Blackham, Austonian, Bailey, Shad, Charles (Manson). And all my friends right now he just groups together as Donald Duck's nephews: Dewey, Huey, and Lewey and sometimes adds random rhymes.

Thanks to him, I'm a little bit funny sometimes.

I just love my daddy.


Holly Sparks said...

this is just great, good job lu

sam said...

am i huey, or looey

Katie Lane said...

ahahahahahahhahaha the pez! this was goood.