Mc. .. Mc. . . Michael Jackson

Three things.

Thing One.
We were watching the news today.
It's pretty sad that Michael Jackson died and stuff. . .
We were all pretty worked up,
Except for my dad.
Who we kept entertained by saying 'Freak' throughout the program.
But the BEST part of the night was when the news reporter introduced their attorney, 'Mc. . Mc. . McMullin'.
This was funny because it took us back to McDonalds three years ago, when we were hungry and traveling. and my dad ordered a 'Mc. . Mc. . Mcnugget'.
So when the news reporter stumbled on his mcs, naturally, we laughed for like ten mintues.

Thing Two.
In mission prep this morning, a man said that he went to seoul korea on his mission. I turned to Christine, and said, "Michael Jensen is there!". She turned to me and was like "He died, Lauren." I couldn't believe it. And was extremely confused as to why I hadn't heard this. Tears were almost coming out of my eyes, and I asked "Like on his mission, as an elder?" She looked confused and really slowly said, "M i c h a e l J a c k s o n d i e d." Oh. . . Michael JACKSON. Then I laughed, extremely relieved.

Thing Three.
Michael Jackson was great. I wish that all music videos were as cool as his were. Way cool. It's true, he was a bit of a freak, with his umbrella and everything else. But great.

My Favorite:
YouTube - Michael Jackson - Bad


Katie Lane said...

I wish I was there for the Mc...Mc...McNugget moment!

Yep he was the awesomest. Minus the little kids and being totally nuts.

Holly Sparks said...

ha ha it was so funny katie... lu, this is great.

Chess said...

Haha, that's way funny!