After discussing life-size posters of movie stars. . . the name Edward did come up. . . The one from Twilight of course.
But, I said I would rather have a life-size poster of Edward Scissorhands. My mom said, "That's totally the type of guy Lauren likes." (not jokingly)

I must agree.

I always go for the pale, scarred-face, timid guy with scissors for hands. You know, the polite ones. The ones who were left alone for years and years in abandoned castles. My heart melts everytime I see those ones.


Lizzy said...

love it! haha. I haven't seen this movie in ages.. but I agree with you. Scissors Edward is most definitely above Vampire Edward in my book.

Melissa Broekhuijsen said...

Okay. This is really creepy that I am commenting because I don't know you. i found your blog through Sally Dowse's and then realized that I know Holly. duh. (plus I think I remember her saying that you went to the Mika concert with her. Right? SO... instant bond THERE!)

BUT Edward Scissorhands is just too close to my heart for me NOT to comment. Thanks for being the one other person in the world that understands how incredible he is. :) And I agree. Every time I watch Edward Scissorhands (which is, actually, pretty often) I am reminded that I would take him over Edward Cullen ANY day.