I donated some today.
Some of my blood.
One pint of it actually.
And I loved it.

and - I got a free T-Shirt.

Want to hear a funny story?

The first time I went to donate blood was the very beginning of my freshman year. Greg and I saw the stuff and that you could get a free t-shirt. I was so excited and pretty much begged him to donate blood with me. So, we went and blah blah, they asked me questions and took a sample, but I did not have enough iron in my blood to donate. But, Greg was able to donate. So, I left and Greg, who did not really want to give blood in the first place gave blood. But after sitting there for a very long time, they told him that they weren't getting enough blood from him and had to discard the blood that they got from him. and I don't think he'll ever give blood again.

(Then, for his english class, he had to write a story. So, he wrote a story about how he donated blood to get attention from this cute girl, who didn't have enough iron in her blood. I wish that I could read his story so bad)

Also, I saw a kid faint.


Chess said...

Hahahaha, that is such a funny story! Please tell me about Greg the next time I see you. :)

Holly Sparks said...

love the story, hate the picture.

Kylar said...

That's awesome! I'm glad Greg survived!

Katie Lane said...

ditto holly. that picture makes me want to curl in a ball and cry.
oh my gosh, the word is "boloodly" NO KIDDING.

Lexie Grant said...

I'm going to have needle nightmares!

Amy Mattson said...


...my second favorite youtube video