are the longest days of the week.
for me.

First of all: I start at 12:30 (ugh)
And have my 3 hour mathematics methods class.
(yes, all of my classes are three hours)
But, this class, unlike my other 3 hour classes,
we have no break (not good for a girl like me).

Yes, I go crazy.
And, our teacher treats us like kindergartners, where we move at turtle-speed.

To top it off, we get to write out the number
1 million, three hundred two,
Add 324 and 563,
and even divide 54365 by 5
All in twenty minutes!
oh, you bet.

I mostly spend my time tinkering with all of the base-ten blocks, 2-colored counters, and colored blocks, make funny faces at my classmates, hide under my hoodie hood, bounce my legs up and down, and whatever else a bored kindergartner might do. {this is no bueno, considering I love math}

Friends, this is not all.
Then, I head off to our (advanced) classroom management class for the most unproductive fifty minutes of my life.

Oh, I just love Wednesdays.

(please, forgive me for my negative attitude)

[on a lighter note]
thank goodness for
1. my bicycle
2. candy
3. institute
4. pesto
5. sudokus
6. seinfeld
7. scriptures
8. text messages
9. newspapers
and 10. classmates,

who help me get through my dreaded Wednesdays.

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