There's no wrong way. . .

So, today I wanted a reese's candy bar.
I got one.
First, I put my money in the vending machine,
and watched the little vending machine curve to let the poor candy bar free
I almost felt the need to cheer it on, because I could tell it wasn't coming.
But, to my surprise, it was freed.
And not only that, but there came two reese's candybars. . .

I'm so lucky.

I thought, I got two candybars for the price of one!

(But later realized that I forgot to pick up my 50 cents in change)

Side Note: Remember these commercials? Aren't they the greatest?


Chess said...

Mmmmm... Favorite candy, right there!

Mom said...

Okay, so that kinda makes up for me trying to get some popcorn out a vending machine the other day and it got stuck!!!! I lost $1.00, even after numerous hits.