alone in my apartment

with the exception of friday night, and a couple of hours saturday morning,
I have been alone in my apartment.

It wasn't scary, I mean.

And it's pretty common.
But this weekend, it was a bit comical.

Well first of all, I took my mother's advice to not leave the apartment

Second, I don't think I've changed much.
And probably smell, even though I have taken like 7 showers.

Third, I've been singing really loud and dancing (carefully and not too extreme) to Christmas music.

Fourth, I only leave my bedroom (hopping or dancing) to use the bathroom, or make myself some chicken noodle soup.

Fifth, I have no idea what I did to occupy my time. Because here I am, Sunday night, living in a messy room, realizing that I haven't finished any of my lesson plans, reading responses, or scanning of student work. I mean, I know I watched a couple of movies, took a couple of naps, read a little bit, but seriously?.

And really, because two whole days confined to a small space secluded from the world would make anyone act comical. . .

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