i'm ready ready ready for a break.

i'm tired.
i'm sick.
i've had a good case of the shingles, that are still my constant companions.
i am sniffly and coughy, still.
my room needs major cleaning and packing.
i'm overwhelmed.
i've totally broken out all over my face. it's lovely.
i'm tired.
i have piles and piles of homework/responses/evaluations/lesson plans/blah that need to be completed.
i'm behind in homework.
there are not enough hours in my day.
i have headaches all the time.
i'm tired.
i want to cry.
i probably did cry just a little.
i'm super worried and stressed about the future, even though i tell myself i'm not.
i'm scared of not being a good enough teacher because i'm not preparing well right now.
i'm worried because i have no idea what will happen next year.
and slightly more worried because of everyone's opinions and 'personal experiences' that people change too much in two years.
i don't have a job lined up.
i am tired.
i procrastinate everything.
like. right. now.

but, thanksgiving break is soon.
then the end of this semester.
then christmas break.
and then a cruise.
right before a semester of no school.

but i need to worry about school right. now.

fall 2009. who knew it would be my most difficult semester?
with the fewest (slight exaggeration.) amount of credits i've ever taken? and without (no exaggeration here) a social life?
well, i thought it would be cake.

i was very much mistaken.

(ps. i normally don't just break out. or get headaches. or shingles. or be a bad student)

i am done venting.
that is what blogs are for, right?


Chess said...

Yes. This is exactly what blogs are for. And I totally know what you are talking about. I'm only taking 12 credits, and I'm busier than I EVER have been before. But you know what? Somehow it all works out. :)

Roberts said...

Hang in there. Hopefully your health will return soon and then you will be able to accomplish everything you need to. Be happy your not 45 and still breaking out.

Iva said...

I hope you feel better soon!! :)

Lizzy said...

Lauren! You are not alone!! This post made me so sad :( And it also made me realize that I can relate to 90 % of it right now. Flu..inadequacy..overwhelmed..freezing! We need to plan something really great to get us through these last few Logan weeks.. yes?

I hope you get feeling better soon!