'dedicated to every single girl in the whole world'

oh, I love that this boy is home now.

{this boy is named fred}
fred is greg's best friend in the whole entire world

so we can find, watch, and laugh until we cry at lost videos like this:

reminisce about alex's christmas parties,
landon's deep voice when he wants something,
dave and that one time that he couldn't go to guitar center,
jacob on that one awkward date,
everything about greg (obviously) -,
and the disneyland trip that I didn't go on, but remember it like I was there,
(but mostly glad that I wasn't there)

burgess park barbecues,
this picture taken at a burgess park barbecue,

this show,

and all of our other high school/post high school activities,
and also plan for super awesome parties to come in the future and this summer.

I'm excited for the rest of the gang to be home.

I sure have missed them.

{well mostly greg}
but I still miss jacob, dave, landon, and alex quite a bit.

(greg and I laughed super hard at these two photos probably once every two months)

oh, they're the greatest


Katie Lane said...

That was hilarious. Greg's walk. Fred smiling at the camera, Landon's holey jeans. I haven't seen it in forever.
It'll be fun when Greg-pants gets home.

Lizzy said...

haha.. they are great.

And yes, I really am in love with Jacob. Secretly.

Katrina said...

haha Lauren. This is funny. That video makes me laugh. Hope you're doing well. :) Love you