goodbye, logan

goodbye, dorm
goodbye, dorm friends
goodbye, grocery shopping
goodbye, cold temperatures
goodbye, messy kitchen
goodbye, education building
goodbye, logan city library
goodbye, brother jacobs
goodbye, hockey games
goodbye, MLMS
goodbye, mean registrar lady
goodbye, bicycle (i hope your new owner treats you well)
goodbye, aggie shuttle
goodbye, old main hill
goodbye, woodruff elementary, providence elementary, edith bowen, and cedar ridge middle
goodbye, logan friends
goodbye, free (kind of) gym
goodbye, tsc
goodbye, bishop reed
goodbye, tummi yummis
goodbye, bluezone network
goodbye, logan graveyard
goodbye, teachers
goodbye, nathan from the yetc lab
goodbye, 'A'
goodbye, firehouse
goodbye, sardine canyon

i will sure miss you.

hello, utah county
i am glad that we can be friends again.


Holly Sparks said...

Hello real world!!
the dad

Erica said...

You honestly crack me up!!!! :)