happy birthday

it is my best friend's birthday today.
he is in brazil.
and the greatest person I have ever known


1. he makes anyone laugh harder than they have before.
2. he has the cutest smile i've ever seen.
3. he draws me funny pictures in his letters.
4. he loves the Lord, and is the greatest missionary.
5. he sees good in everyone and never talks negatively.
6. he is a gentleman
7. he is really good at magic tricks.
8. he plays ticket to ride and does puzzles with me.
9. he's the best dancer at stake dances and in my kitchen.
10. he makes me want to be a better person everyday.

and he'll be home in less than two months

happy birthday, gregory stevai

see you soon.

(his friends made this on a shirt for him one year)


Roberts said...

I agree with you he's a pretty good kid. I just hope he got my birthday package. We got his flight information and he gets home January 26th at 11:25 am. I can't wait.

Larry said...

cool picture of Greg and Pearl Harbor Day. It made my picture wall in my office -dad

Lizzy said...

Aah yay Greg gets home soon Lauren!!

I am secretly in love with his blonde friend to the right ... always have been, probably always will be.