one week.

if you see this boy sometime next week,

(he most likely will not have an alien on his head)

welcome him home.
and tell him that I'll be seeing him soon.

and if you want,
you could also tell him how great I am.
and that I'm way cuter than I was two years ago.

and you also may want to warn him that there is a slight possibility that my grandmother will call him and take him to mcdonald's or in n out.


Katie Lane said...

crazy grandma. woo hoo! it'll be fun to see gregly again!

Roberts said...

I may have to go with your Grandma when she takes him, I don't know if I will let him out of my sight for a few days. It's crazy to think that it's only a week. Have fun on your cruise.

Larry said...

Lauren- I thought you said he was growing chest hair.