rock-n-roll lifestyle.

isn't this such a beauty?

i've been waiting for this beloved day to see it. and hear it in full.

so, here comes my last night dilemma.

i asked myself,

'self, should I buy this, to have and to hold and to love dearly with my two hands in a week-ish-
and save some money on some other musical beauties, like spoon's new album?

or this and listen to it now and on my way to work tomorrow?'

or of course, drive to my local wal-mart, target, etc. and cross my fingers that they have it,
or wait until tomorrow to go to graywhale and purchase for the whopping $13.99.

(i'm kind of, mostly anti-itunes store. so that's never been an option.)

i love having physical cds, and promised myself to buy this in cd-form months ago.
so, as you can see (or maybe not), this was a dilemma.

conclusion: i drove to work today listening to some new vampire weekend tunes.

it was wonderful.
and i don't feel at all guilty.
and glad that i am only four dollars poorer.

i know that some may think i'm crazy
a. even considering that a dilemma,
b. wondering why i would ever purchase an album like this in mp3 format.
c. even purchasing non-local music at all anymore.
d. it's just 10 songs. a cd. and music. who even cares?
e. why do you even care about vampires if they have nothing to do with edward?

e. was mostly a joke.
please don't tell me if you were thinking.
it would be best if i didn't know.

side note.
they're coming to the salt lake city in march.
wanna join me?

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