Leftovers from restaurants.
I love them so much.
Unfortunately, so does my family.

So, when I open the fridge I see . . .
CAFE RIO SALAD!, soup from blue lemon, a sandwich from FLOUR GIRLS!
I get so excited
Until I see the words:

don't eat!
this is MINE!
This belongs to Holly, Sydnee, etc. . .

This has been going on for years, so we're quite good at writing things so that NO ONE could possibly eat our precious food.

Some of the best writings have been. .

I licked this whole thing, so don't eat it
I picked my boogers and wiped it all over this food.

And, one of the best which I saw just today:

Don't eat.
This is written in my blood.
(written with a red pen)

I laughed.


Katie said...

oh man, that is too good. We are so possessive over leftovers, it's pathetic. I still do it to mine, and the only one who could eat them is Adam, and he never does. But I love eating his. He hasn't claimed it.

Eric G said...


Spencer said...

I can see your family doing this! I like it! haha

Lauren said...

I seriously loved this post! hahaha and yes i bet you didn't know i knew your blog existed. well now you know. :) and i really did laugh out loud when i read this though. hahahaha