Things I Love. . .

I love my roommates
I love no bake cookies
I love it when one minute I'm crying, and the next I'm laughing
I love sushi
I love playing with my sisters
I love talking about Bob Lawblah, for a long time
I love cousins
I love singing songs with my grandma
I love when my dad mistakenly buys the gross coffee truffles, thinking they are mint ones
I love my daddy
I love randomly breaking out in dance and song
I love being weird
I love driving
I love Alpine and just being home
I love starting a conversation and somehow it always leads to Seinfeld
I love rock band
I love sleeping
I love to read
I love going to the library and getting so many books the librarian looks at you funny
I love when kids lie, and you can totally tell
I love cadbury eggs
I love it when someone feels comfortable enough with you that they open up and share their feelings, opinions, mistakes, and problems
I love it when I feel comfortable enough to do that with someone
I love blowing kisses at someone so much that you can't help but laugh
I love laughing
I love laughing so hard that I pee my pants (sometimes)
I love seeing my mom laugh so hard that she pees her pants (always)
I love smiling
I love feeling loved and appreciated
I love reminiscing
I love the temple
I love inside jokes
I love awkward moments
I love how Lexie, Amy, and I are the type that when an awkward situation comes up, we all just stand there, silent.
I love dance parties
I love music
I love N64 tetris
I love the smell of my shampoo right now
I love popcorn
I love it when I can teach someone about computer stuff and I feel smart
I love feeling smart
I love running
I love love
I love Tonya
I love rollerblading
I love technology
I love knowing that everything will be okay. . .
And it always is


Lauren Elizabeth said...

Oh, I didn't realize that it was this long. . .
And I don't know what to delete. I love it all. .

Chess said...

Lots of things to love! :)

Lexie Grant said...

I LOVE this blog!!! And I LOVE you LOVE!

Jeff and Kira said...

aww nice things! I love a lot of those things too! :)

Katie said...

I love Bob Lawblah! And Seinfield. and all those things. esp mom peeing her pants.

Stuff Sam thinks about said...

and you said you're not a poet, that peeing the pants thing should be published