I have a new boyfriend.

His name is Al R Gees.

Here's the details -

I've seen him every day this summer! And I'll probably see him tomorrow. .
He makes me soo nervous that I just get itchy whenever I see him. (I've even gotten hives a couple times)
My throat swells when he's around
I get up everyday and he's the first thing that I think of
I shower at least once or twice every day, just for him
I love him so much that I've even teared up quite a bit
And I've lost five pounds just for him

I think he's a keeper.
He'll for sure be around for the rest of the summer. . Maybe even longer if I'm lucky


Chess said...

LOL. I love you! You are hilarious!

hollita said...

oh, it is love.

Katie said...

hahaha. ditto hollita.

Stefanie said...

Quite cute, very funny. You know you can go see Dr. Hoggard (for the 10th time).

Spencer said...

haha I loved it! I think if every girl were as cool as you and sacrificed that much for their bf the world would be a better place! haha jk!! great post! I hope you summer is going great!!!

Sisters said...

Take out his name.
You should say,
I think he will leave me at the end of the summer, but I know he'll be back for more next Spring.