I learned much more than I paid for

In addition to learning how to manage a class, how to teach reading effectively, and how to be a teacher,

Throughout this year of school I also have learned

1. Best friends are the ones that are there not only for the happy times, but the times you are sad, need to cry, you need your car fixed, a laugh, or just a hug

2. Friends are forever - no matter the distance.
3. Even though you love spending time with someone, and love their presence, and so much about them, they may not be the right person for you.
4. That families really are eternal - and will be reunited again.
5. You never know when someone will leave this world. Or the impact they had on you completely until they're gone.
6. That Disneyland isn't always the happiest place on earth
7. That everyone always needs a friend
8. That I have the best, funnest, funniest family in the world!
9. To never walk up the hill to campus early in the morning right after rain - when it's still frozen. Just save time, cuts, and bruises, and ride the bus.
10. That everything happens for a reason. And sometimes, you don't know the reason, you just have to put all of your trust in Him.
11. That it's okay to cry
12. That I will never go another month without owning a library card
13. That everyone has insecurities
14. Life just is hard sometimes. And just when it seems to be getting easier, something else comes up.
15. But that's just life. And needs to be lived with a smile, like Alexis and Derek did.


Anonymous said...

I agree especially with the Disneyland comment. I saw alot of unhappy parents with screaming kids. Is your sister doing okay? I guess because we had also been in a motor home it has really had an impact on me. Their family is in my prayers.

Spencer said...

Lauren I love your post! Everything does happen for a reason, often we don't know why until long after it has happened. Then randomly in our life's it will dawn on us what we have learned! Your blog is probably my fav.!

Katie said...

That was cute. I could comment on probably every single thing, but I won't except you do have the best funniest family in the world. emphasis on funny.