Once Upon a time. . .

There was a lovely lady.
Her name was Stefanie.

She raised four beautiful daughters.
But not without pain, tears, and much needed help.

She showed these daughters that the most important decision to be made is who you marry. After 'dear john' ing three missionaries, she married a man who would not only provide her with the much needed help, but love her through everything in her life.

Determined to finish school, she set an example to her little girlies that education is essential, by getting not only her bachelors with two pooping babies, but ALSO getting her masters while she had four pooping daughters, (who by this time, had been potty trained. Thank goodness.)

As these little daughters grew up, Stefanie taught them so many important life skills, through example, 'therapy', and hard work.

She made these poor little girls clean their room before they could play,
Eat vegetables,
Milk goats,
Take back gum and apologize to the manager when they stole it from the store,
Do jobs,
Write thank-you cards,
Make snowman ornaments,
Spend time with the family,
And other things (without the children realizing that these tasks would be good).
(It is even rumored that she even made them drink hormone-free milk)

She taught them that
Sometimes talents aren't dancing, singing, and playing instruments flawlessly,
Or aren't shown with tropies.
Families are forever,
Laughter is always the best medicine (even during prayers),
Patience is essential,
You need to work hard to get what you want,
Being assertive is a good thing,
And other things

And these daughters grew up.
And realized that they never thanked Stefanie enough,
(Especially that second daughter)

Mom, I love you.
And want to thank you for all of the 'therapy' you've offered me.
And for being the understanding, caring mother that you are.
Everyday I realize that I'm growing up to be just like you.
And that makes me happy.


Katie said...

That was so sweet. I think I could comment on just about everything, but I won't. Instead of saying 4 poopy daughters, you should say snotty.

Stefanie said...

Thanks Lauren, I love that. You are very welcome and very worth all of it.