only if you like music and nerds

well, i totally just figured out how to embed music files and I'm so mega excited!

I HATE when people play music on blogs when you automatically get there and there's a cute little playlist somewhere hidden on their blog and you try so hard to find it and eventually just have to click out of their blog because it's annoying and it clashes with your music. do you know the feeling?

confession #2:
I LOVE hype machine and want to make a blog like one of the ones that they host because they inspire me. every.day.

Oh, I'm so happy.
And I know that probably everyone who reads my blog won't even care about this new discovery, but I've been trying to figure this out for like 6 months.
Go Me!

Just check this out to see how BEAUTIFUL it is!


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Chess said...

Lauren! I'm a nerd too! I can solve a Rubiks cube AND I figured out how to Bluetooth music from my MacBook to my phone. On my OWN! Who even knew?! :D