Unrealistic Expectations

So, apparently girls have unrealistic expectations. . .


no way.

But here are some of my past loves and hope for the future


First, we have
You know, from Hey Arnold?
Yes, I was a lot like Helga.
And loved that football head.
No gum sculpture in my closet though.

Next, Yeah Yeah.
Yeah. . .
I liked him too.
Recognize him?
The Sandlot.

Then, Twister Rodrigues.
Remember Rocket Power?
Yeah, I LOVED him.
And his helmet with wings.
So many daydreams

Then, the one and only John Stockton.
What little girl didn't have a crush on him?
Thanks to him, I know what 3 times 4 is.

Not TOO unrealistic, Right?


sam said...

us regular guys dont stand a chance

Katie Lane said...

haha twister.

Chess said...

LOL. I loved Tommy the Green Power Ranger. And these boys in the salsa boy band in Venezuela. :)

Spencer said...

I agree with sam's comment. The normal guys don't even stand a chance! haha I'm not sure how being beaten by a football head makes me feel.... haha jk

Lexie Grant said...

I was in love with John Stockton too!!!!

Holly Sparks said...

ha ha this is funny on so many levels.
yeah yeah is the best. he was a stud... wonder what he looks like now...?

Holly Sparks said...

NOW, holly.
He was arrested for domestic violence for beating up his girlfriend. Man, what I would give to be that girlfriend. So worth it.

Oh, this is Lauren. Not holly.