Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Me.

Here I am.

to Know.

But Here I go.

1. I hate shopping, but I could spend hours and hours at the DI, any bookstore, and the library.
2. I love to read. When I was little, I would never stop reading. Kind of a nerd.
3. One time, I peed on a stuffed animal at DI.
4. Right now, I am organizing my music library which has taken me countless hours.
5. I love my three sisters more than anything. And they know how to make me laugh and I'm so funny when I'm with them.
6. I am just like my mom. When I do things, like get really excited, I talk super high and fast. Which I hate. And get to blame my mother. But, I love her. So I'm excited to be a little Stefanie.
7. When I get into a things, I GET INTO things. Like, right now, I've been watching Pushing Daisies. And it's all I've been doing. But, I love it.
8. I love movies. I love looking at them, watching them, owning them, laughing at them.
9. Like Katie, I am obsessed with evenness and know exactly what she's talking about when she hits one arm because the other one got hit by someone or something.
10. I secretly love school
11. I hate it when my fingernails get long.
12. I hate wearing makeup. Half of the time, I don't even wear it.
13. Once when I was little, I made bikinis out of washcloths for me and my sisters.
14. I used to be obsessed with video games. Unfortunately, we never had any. So, I used my friends for their video games. And was very disappointed, when despite the number of YEARS I asked for a gameboy, I never got one.
15. I love tetris 64.
16. I am afraid of elevators. I always take the stairs, unless I'm at the Empire State Building, or Wells Fargo building. At which time I was almost hyperventating.
17. I have a unibrow. Without tweezers, I would be one ugly girl.
18. Everyday, I change like four times.
19. That's why my room gets messy.
20. I am afraid of diving boards, also.
21. I want to be a computer geek. Really bad
22. No bake cookies are so yum.
23. After shopping at Macey's, I am indescribably happy.
24. I love musicals and plays, but can't sing, dance, or act.
25. All of my grandparents are alive. And I love them all very much.
26. I hate little dogs. Especially little chihuahuas. Named Princess. That wipe their bum on the carpet and yelp and bite.
27. I get distracted really easily. By anything.
28. Once, when I was in elementary school, I was on a swing pretending like I was swimming, and a teacher came and asked me what I was doing. I said, "Swimming". She said, "We don't swim at school." My dreams were crushed.
29. I like to zone off and be in my own little world. A lot.
30. My favorite places to be are at the beach, under the sun, playing in the water, playing frisbee. And at Lake Powell, under the sun, playing in the water, riding on the water weenie.
31. When we used to go to Lake Powell a lot, I was glued to the water weenie.
32. I don't really wear jewelery. Except I love rings.
33. I love love love love my backyard
34. Sometimes I like texting, sometimes I hate texting.
35. One day, I want to have traveled everywhere and met a lot of way cool people
36. I love having really deep conversations with people
37. There is nothing I can't stand more than judgemental and self-righteous people.
38. My biggest pet peeve is when people stick their gum on their plates. and Holly does it EVERY day
39. Inside jokes are funny and I love them.
40. I want to be multilingual.
41. In October, I can turn in my papers to go on a mission. And I want to.
42. I love planning. I love lists and planners
43. I love making charts, like job charts, daily charts, happy charts (which I make for Tonya).
44. Children make me laugh. That's why I want to be with them everyday. All day.
45. There's nothing that makes me feel better than a nice run.
46. I love hot showers and hot baths
47. I love chia pets. And grow your own boyfriends. And sponge peeps, which my roommates just got for me.
48. I love being around people that have different views on life. That think differently.
49. I miss all of my friends that are on missions. A lot.
50. I am not competitive. But, I really like playing sports and games. And I'm way good at Nerts, Ticket to Ride, and really really like Frisbee.
51. Every year I get a Mary Engelbreit calendar. Because I love her. Thanks Amy and Lexie.
52. I secretly wish I was Ginny Weasley because I'm in LOVE with Harry Potter.
53. When I'm driving in my car alone, I sing really loud. And I dance, sometimes when people are in the car too.
54. I've ridden an elephant before.
55. I really like self-help and psychology books. Even when they don't even apply to me. Like The Five Love Languages of Love and all those relationship/parenting books.
56. I love organizing things and having all of my things really organized.
57. I like dance parties a lot
58. I like being weird
59. I like workout videos.
60. I LOVE weddings. I've said that before, but I had to again, because I love wedding magazines, wedding blogs, wedding invitations, wedding dresses. I want to someday own a wedding business. Or something way cool like that.
60. And. Someday I want to be really good at EVERYTHING. and dazzle everyone.

I did 60, twice, cuz 61 isn't an even, nice number divisible by ten. Seriously.

That is me.


Jeff and Kira said...

haha I like you :)

Stefanie said...

Very good Lauren!

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Heidi said...

I love that list. You are so great Lauren!

Hayley and Jake said...

I found you!!! Cuuuuute blog! Seriously. Sorry it took me forever to find you.

Olivia.Leta said...

Ok, I love the whole Crushing of your swimming dreams one, but I know something you should not leave off of this list . . . You can lick your elbow! Anyway, I enjoyed reading this :)