I'm Proud to be a Sparks

My Great Uncle Bunk is a wonderful person to look up to.

With his loving, kind heart.
His optimistic attitude after his accident
His patience with having people understand him
His hugs
How I could tell that he cared for me
As a child, I loved sitting near him. He was my favorite.

I have so many reasons to be so proud to be a Sparks
First of all.
Who wouldn't want their last name to be a Sparks?
When you are a Sparks, like my dad, grandpa, and Uncle Bunk, you

never tire
are always working
gentle and kind
yet tough
and hard
have high expectations for your children
religious, but far from self-righteous or showy

and I love that at the Sparks' funerals there are
Pepsi colas, swearing over the pulpit, and some of the greatest people to ever know.

I'm Proud to be a Sparks and hope I can live up to the name.