a boy named . . .

once upon a time,
i went to a school a little ways north.
there was a certain weekend when my dear sister ventured the two hours to visit me.
it was great.
we went to a certain restaurant.
and learned some important things
like, no one else appreciates our humor (which makes it more beautiful),
sometimes the workers drink out of the drinks that they offer to their customers (yeah),
but most of all,
we were 'introduced' to a boy.
he was our waiter.
his name was . . .
after meeting him, his name was a joke to us.
and we would chirp his name, like little birds.
at the table
(here came the realization that no one else appreciated our humor)
and, yes, we really would.
after this wonderful weekend with my sister,
my sightings of this boy named . . .
a lot.
so, everytime i saw this male, i sent a great text to my sister
with three simple letters.
but, alas.
he has moved away, i am told.
so, i am no longer able to text my lovely sister those texts
that bring smiles to both of our faces.
(the boy on the right is NOT the boy in my story.
that would have been a bit TOO creepy)


Holly Sparks said...

. . .
lauren, we are definitely unique.
but i love it.
i'm sad he moved.
i wanted you to marry him.

Lexie Grant said...

Hahaha, I miss your chirping very much! Also, I think with our new events to attend, I'm sure we would see him a lot if he were here!

Chess said...

Haha, that sounds funny! Too bad he's gone...