best prank ever.

sometimes, I like to put on my mom's wedding ring and imagine getting engaged (i know I'm pathetic. so, don't make fun of me) so, once I was sitting in church with my family. next to my mother. and decided to do just that. my old young women's president, sister wilson, and her family always sit behind us. (if you know her, this story will be much funnier, p.s.) and instantly I thought of a great joke. admiring the ring, I pulled my arm around the bench so whoever sitting behind me could clearly see the diamonds. and instantly, I knew she had noticed. I heard a gasp, a tap, and I turned. her and her husband were so happy and shocked and she immediately started congratulating me. and then, the tears started coming. oh, I should have known. and me, knowing when to end a joke (mostly because i was laughing really hard and being completely disrespectful and trying not to pee), decided to pull off the ring and mouth, 'just kidding'. and then I recieved a well-deserved punch in my arm. but, oh dear, it was worth it.


Katie Lane said...

that WAS hilarious.

Chess said...

Oh my goodness, that's hysterical! I can't believe she started crying. I would've kept going with the prank, you are obviously much nicer than I am.