I love Logan.

I know you're probably thinking, "What?! Like five months ago, weren't you dying to move back to Alpine!?!"

Friends, you are correct. I was.

But, my love for Logan has been reborn.

Wanna know why?

When I wake up, I can look out my window and see a beautiful tree, and a breathtaking view of the mountains.

I ride my bicycle to school everyday. Through the graveyard, the prettiest part of Logan.

Yesterday, while riding my bike through the graveyard, I paused and talked to my dear Great Uncle Seth who maintains the lawn and keeps it pretty. (Now I can tell my grandpa that I didn't break his promise)

I slackline sometimes, right outside my side door, and occasionally chat to the passerby 'frolfers' (who I forgive for hitting my windows, and on occasion - my car).

I have a new love for the the Merrill-Cazier Library.

I refused to buy any books. Thank goodness for course-reserves (hence the reason to visit the library a lot)

I drive past many cute, old houses that I would want to move into in a heartbeat.

I refuse to set up my printer (I still don't understand my reasoning for this one).

My new friends are Ze Tao from China, Rebecca from San Diego, Ee Ting from China, Tomas from Slovakia, Will from England, my RA Erica (who reminds me so much of Amber), and my dear sweet roommate, Ines, from Spain.

I went swimming in a dam last week, thinking it was Porcupine Lake.

I'm cooking again, with the help of several cookbooks from the library.

I went to the Logan City Library, Macey's, and Papa Murphys this week.

I get to listen to Lexie serenade me with her new love for guitar, and get to talk to Amy about love and marriage, and Nate and I talk about Coraline and music.

I'm enrolled in institute.

I started work this week, and we are a lucky staff, because we have our own classroom. To decorate. To organize. And to love.

And, most of all, I know I won't be here for the long, snowy days.


Lexie Grant said...

Oh how I love you!!! And this, and Logan....but it kind of makes me sad. I don't know that I can endure those long snowy months without my lovers!!! But I will serenade you anytime!!!! Hopefully I learn songs soon haha!!!!! And ps my security word was ucnha....haha i kind of like it!

Chess said...

Hahaha, what a great post! I love the part about your printer, and the part about work and our new classroom to love. :)

Hayley and Jake said...

That totally just made me miss Logan. I don't know how you did it, I haven't missed that place in ages.