Just a Tree

(PS This is not the tree in my story. But I love this tree, too)

I know it's just a tree.

It's the tree that Austin walked right over. Between his legs. It was just a newborn then. Too small to see, but not too small to hurt (unfortunately for Austin).

It's the tree that saw us pull a prank on Dave. and the tree that let him rest his hand on it, while he was deciding who to yell at first.

It's the tree that saw the singing boys, the ball of yarn, the cat, and all of the other funny dance pranks.

It's the tree that saw the best (and worst) of door step scenes.

It's the tree that saw a nervous boy's first kiss.

It's the tree that has seen tears.

It's the tree that sees the excitement of reunions of nephews, sisters, parents, and grandparents.

It's the tree that has overheard many many many conversations.

It's the tree that sees a black hyundai elantra full of laundry every couple of weeks.

I'm excited to see that tree.

I know that it's just a tree.

But, It's the tree that welcomes me home.


Katie Lane said...

why didn't you put the right tree?

Katie Lane said...

oh we're having jack's party this weekend, i don't know if you're planning on coming home. no pressure or anything. but we'd love to have ya.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Katie - I don't have a picture of that tree. And I'm not home. So I can't just run outside and take a picture of it. So I just put the picture of the tree in the back. Oh, and yes I am coming home this weekend. I'm excited for Jack's party.

Chess said...

That's a lovely way to look at things. Better get a picture of the right tree when you go home this weekend! ;-)

Mandy said...

That really almost made me tear up. What a beautiful thought. I like your blog a lot Lauren. Thanks for visiting mine!

Lizzy said...

hahaha.. I just barely made a post about my favorite tree, and then I jumped over to your blog and saw that you'd posted about the same thing. I think we're meant to be friends Lauren..

p.s. I missed you at our barbeque!! Why didn't you come?