I love how

Oranges make me think of Lost,
When I listen to Gorillaz, I just want to play Ticket to Ride,
Listening to 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed' makes me think of dying my hair,
The smell of candles remind me of the Wilson's house,
Exercise balls make me want to pee,
Unshelled peanuts and orange candies remind me of Christmas Eve,
The word 'Lunkers' makes me laugh really hard,
Watching Scrubs makes me want to play tetris 64,
Playing Rock Band reminds me of Dewey's house,
Seeing berries on shrubs makes me think of that one time when Amber and I fed them to Sydnee.
Fireballs remind me of lies, Holly, my dad, and church,
Eminem makes me think of my cousin, Richard, who isn't my cousin anymore,
Classic skating reminds me of fifth grade,
The game 'signs' brings me back to Nikole's slumber party where we played for six consecutive hours,
Sees candies remind me of my grandpa,
Frisbee reminds me of the beach,
Playing racquetball makes me miss Greg,
When I play Balderdash, I wish that Tanner and I still played it at every family gathering,
Rage Against the Machine makes me imagine Greg and Fred working at Shelf Reliance,
Hugs, Tears, and Smiles makes me think of everyone that I love.

And I love when that happens.
And I just smile.
And look forward to the memories that are yet to come.

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Katie Lane said...

Oh this makes me laugh.
Christmas Eve, Lunkers, berries, fireballs, richard the non-cousin (that one was good)
this was fun. and more memories to be made soon! on the cruise!!!! woo hoo!