To the Children

I mean, really?
Not letting your child watch this?
Not letting them understand responsibility and that it lies in the hands of the children? Not letting them see that school is good?

Even if you don't like him,
he is our PRESIDENT
And does deserve our respect.

And at Timberline, students only were able to watch it IF they brought a signed permission slip.
At least at Lone Peak, they only had slips if parents strongly felt either way.

Either way, it still makes me sick.

And here it is if you missed it.
Personally, I thought it was great.


Stefanie Sparks said...

Thanks Lu, Syd and I just watched it off your blog...

Katie Lane said...

It was great. people freak out way too much. I found out that George Bush did the same thing in 1991 and Democrats peed their pants over the whole thing. Like the president is really going to get up and talk politics to kids. Everyone would hate him, democrats and republicans. C'mon, he's smarter than that. I think an inspirational message is just great, it means a lot hearing those things coming from the US president.

haha the word is ducks.

Kylar said...

I agree Lauren, I think it was a great speach and I think even I needed to hear some of it. Why not have kids hear good advice?