all HALLOWS eve.

I'm so excited.
It's my absolute favorite holiday.

The other day, I told a lovely story to my dear friend, Sam.
It was a story of when I was Peter Pan for Halloween.
(I was Peter Pan twice. This story corresponds with the bottom right picture directly above these words)
I was waiting for the bus.
Then I saw Landon come out of his home.
He was Hook.
We battled, not only at the bus stop, but for the entire day.
It was the greatest Halloween ever.
We didn't even plan it.

I'm so excited for Halloween.
and this year, I'm going home
where I will
have soup,
eat homemade donuts,
carve pumpkins,
make a gravestone,
and see my cute nephews in their cute halloween costumes

I even made a playlist to get pumped up

(check it out on the right)

are you excited for halloween?


sam said...

yess, i for shout out

sam said...

i dont even know what i said

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I don't either.