those little first graders. . .

'Miss Sparks, I need help!" she says for the 1000th time as she erases her correct answers, and ready for me to explain the concept that she already understands.

Then, the sweetest, smartest girl in class unknowingly flips me off by showing me her spider ring -

And when I introduced myself, I told the class I like riding my bike, ice cream, and don't like asparagus. To my surprise, so did at least five of the students.

And little, sweet Austin, as he was sounding out 'sheet', said a swear without realizing.

{not a child in my class. via papertissue}

Oh, I love first graders.
And, sometimes it's really hard not to laugh.

(It's only day 3. I have five more weeks of this fun)

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Spencer said...

I love the innocence and sincerity of little kids! I wish I could play with them all day!