I love fall.
So much.

Not the fall where it's like, 'Yay! summer was yesterday and it's snowing today!'

But the fall in Alpine

Where the leaves change colors.
And where you don't have to wear a jacket everywhere you go.
The fall where it's still warm enough to go camping
And where you can smell pumpkins and get excited for Halloween.

I love that fall.

And I found a new reason to love fall:

I went mountain biking for the first time.

It was incredible.

I loved feeling the wind through my clothes, the sound of my wheels against the rocks and ground. I loved the look of the fall colors, the pretty yellows, oranges, and reds. I loved the feeling of being invincible. I loved the feeling of being in the best place on earth. I loved the sound of my chains and brake pedal squeaking (my bike is old). I loved the feeling of where I was sure I was going to fall, but quickly pulling out and recovering. I loved the feel of my heart beat and sound of my breathing. I loved being so tired, yet wanting to do it again. I loved forgetting about itching (except for when my leg decided to run into some stinging nettle). I loved riding my bike on trails so few go. I love mountain biking.

I want to go tomorrow.

Who's with me?


Larry said...

Lauren-I thought you'd mention me somewhere in the blog, but NO mention of dear old dad, then I saw the picture. I didn't see you take that? I thought I was always in front!

Katie Lane said...

UGH! I want to go, today!

Kylar said...

I love that fall too! I go to Alpine any chance I get. I even picked apples in my parents orchard yesterday and it was gorgeous. I love the trees and being so close to the mountains.