love you, h.

I wish I could help ease the pain.
and help mend your broken heart.
I love you, h.

Most of all,
I wish that it wouldn't have happened to you.

But, you're stronger than me.
I've always known that.

From the time when you cracked your head open and I was so jealous because of all of the attention you got. I wanted so badly to crack my head open, so I could get presents and words of affection, but instead, I just got a few stitches.
That was all I could handle.

To the times when I blamed you for everything, hoping you would be the one to get in trouble and not me. When you were braver than me to admit to doing something wrong.

And now to this.

I'm not good with words,
phonecalls, or texts
But, Pretend I'm giving you a hug right now.
(Even though, I'm pretty not good at those)
You can even sleep in my bed tonight,
Place a pillow next to you and pretend it's me.

And know that I look up to you.
And want to be just like you, h.

She loves you.
She misses you.

But, she wants you to be happy.
And, I do too.
I love you.

1 comment:

Holly Sparks said...

just read this.. (again).
and you're the greatest.
i love you l.