my resolution

It's not new years.
but a have a new resolution.

take more pictures.

Recently, I have realized how few photos I have.
It makes me a little sad.
And when going through my days, I often think, oh my that would make a lovely photo!

So, today, as I was riding my bicycle through the graveyard,
I took a few photos.

what do you think?

{now do you understand why I choose to ride my bike through here every day?}

I so want to become a great photographer.
I'm a pretty good faker.
I even just made a flickr account.
hopefully I'll have at least five more photos added to it tomorrow


Katie Lane said...

That road would be beautiful to take some family pictures on.
Did you photoshop at all? the yellows and greens pop.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

yeah, a bit.