after today x 2


and this

make me extremely happy.

i love goofy movie.
lone peak.
and fat nordick.

{to hayley beth tintle castle: please tell me you've seen this}

ps. i guess i sort of wish it was the day after today.
because it's friday and i'm coming home.

but mostly, just wish it was the month after this month.


Katie Lane said...

That video is too good.
I hope Hayley has seen it.
When are you coming home today? I'm going to see New Moon with friends tonight and there is an extra ticket wanna come? let me know.

Lizzy said...

haha! I love it... good ole Lone Peak high.

Casie muir looks sooo young.

Hayley and Jake said...

Okay okay okay!! I have NOT seen this, only HEARD about it. Oh my gosh. Did I marry him? He's such a goof. No pun intended. Thanks for posting this!