giving thanks.

i have never been too big into it.
like, it's just one of those holidays.
that's right inbetween my two favorite holidays.
and gets kind of neglected.

but i have realized.
i am not as thankful as i should be.
i have so much to be grateful for.
and i take it all for granted.

so, thanks to:

my parents
who make sure i am safe. and that my life is comfortable.
eternal life.
who help me keep track of my dates and countdowns.
letters from brazil that make me laugh out loud.
good windshield wipers.
that help me see even when it's snowing and raining.
the turkey bird
that gives me presents to beg to stay alive. and yet, he still forgives us because we always eat turkey. and we always get presents. oh, turkeys never lose hope, do they?
i probably would be friendless without it.
fingernail clippers.

so that in n' out can put some onions on my hamburger so it will taste oh so yummy.
justin danielson.
because today i laughed when i saw him passing the sacrament and wondered how he is so old. because i remember the days when he would come to our door and ask, "sydnee can play?", still unable to form complete sentences.
cute 'hi's' from my nephews, learning to speak.
my robot.
because he allows me to do my homework, read blogs, update my library books, and check my bank account all at the same time!

and thank you,
my dear friends and family.

you're the greatest.


Stefanie said...

Love you Lu!!

Katie Lane said...

Justin Danielson!!! hahahahahahaha!!!