the future.

Right now, It's pretty hard to live in the present. . . .

When the semester ends in six weeks,
I move home in six weeks,
I graduate soon,

Christmas is in 2 months,

We go on a cruise in 3 months,
And G comes home in 3 months

And when my life consists of me going to school, eating, sleeping, checking the mailbox for letters, making lesson plans, drinking hot chocolate, and reading (books and letters).

It's pretty hard.
But I'm trying.
I promise.

And (thanks to my shingles) I've been really trying not to worry. . . I think I'm doing a better job.
But, mostly I'm just super excited.


Roberts said...

Lot's of changes coming your way. It's an exciting time. I also can't wait for G to come home. Taylor will be sending in his papers next week. I guess life is full of changes.

Roberts said...
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Adam said...

So am I...