my new best friend.

his name is skrapshtebazilenerual2.

he's super fun.
and probably the best best friend I've ever had.
and we play a lot.
and he goes everywhere with me.
i don't even miss skraps the first that much.

(my dad's way jealous of our new friendship)


Larry said...

What, I wasn't even consulted for naming rights!

I actually come in and take it from 7 AM to 11 AM every day...but you're asleep and don't(didn't) know till now.

Tiffany said...
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Hayley and Jake said...

I am jealous. Maybe Santa will put one in my stocking. Here's for hoping. Merry Christmas!

whitney joy said...

so jealous!!!!

Kylar said...

I just got one too! My poor old one is rather sluggish and sad but I love this!